Here is some general info about living in Croatia

Currency: Croatian Kuna

1 Kuna = 100 lipa.

1€ = 7,25 Kuna.

Exchange rate has been stable between 7,00 to 7,40 kn for 1€ for several years.

Foreigners’ registration: every foreign citizen must report their stay in Croatia within 24h of their arrival. Daily fee is based on season and county. Usually it’s between 0,6 to 1€.

Electricity price: 0,12€ per kW/h

Water price: 3€ per m3

Phone: monthly fee for a landline is 2€

Internet: monthly fee for flat-rate ADSL is 30€

Garbage disposal and utility fees: about 10€ per moth

Transport: city bus 1€, suburban bus 2€, bus line Zagreb-Pula (270km) – 27€, Taxi 1km just over 1€.

Fuel: 1l: gasoline 1€, diesel is a little bit more expensive than gasoline, auto gas about 0,4€

Toll is about 1€ per 15 km.

Taxes: There are no taxes for owning real estate, but a 5% tax on real estate market which is usually paid by the buyer. In case of real estate being sold by a company VAT is also included in the price.

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