The most important when choosing a house is it’s location

You can build a new one in place of the old or you can redecorate the old one. But as before, the surroundings will be the same. You will come home down the same road. The Sun will rise and set unaffected by your house. Wind, temperature and rainfall will also remain the same.

By choosing a house in Knapići you are choosing the most important thing – the location.

You will be surrounded by green hills sloping down to the sea. You will admire them from the windows and terrace of your home, as well as open sea, cove and islands. Your way home will wind through beautiful greenery. Through it, here and there, the sea will sparkle, and the Mediterranean-style houses will show themselves. The Sun will shine upon your beautiful home during the whole day. Mild Mediterranean summers will keep you warm, but not hot. The winter temperatures only rarely drop below 0°C, and even that happens only by night. The rains are short here, and the people are very pleasant.

The air is clean, the sea is clear, and it’s quiet. But even here, a well developed highway network is easily accessible, as well as international airports, ski resorts, forests with abundance of truffles, fresh seafood and more. All of this in Central Europe! From Knapići to Venice, Italy – a 3 hours drive. To Vienna, Austria – 7 hours.

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