Basic advantages of the project “Residence Knapići”

1. Main advantage is the location

Croatia. Peninsula of Istria Climate, history, ecology, proximity of European capitals, hospitality of the locals. These are big pluses of your choice. For details se page Location

2. Beautiful view to the sea and islands

The window view offers deep blue sea and green hills throughout the day, as well as moonlit sea when the entire family dines by the fireplace. The quality of life changes if living and holidays are accompanied by the sea and hills in the background.

Besides that, the project’s other advantages are:

- Big lots;
- Well developed infrastructure;
- Flexible approach in dealing with customer’s needs;
- Already built house or an apartment in a two-apartment house;
- Swimming pools built on request;
Reworking of blueprints and quality of finishing works based on customer’s wishes;
- Possibility of buying a lot for independent construction work;
- Installation of heating/air conditioning systems based on habitation needs (permanent or seasonal habitation);
- Investment buying options:
- Property in Residence Knapići will be more expensive regardless of the economic crisis
P.S. : possibility of a boat or yacht docking in the nearest cove (4 km from the house)

High quality of construction and finishing work can by experienced by the buyer on the site itself by inspecting one of the already built villas and choosing the desired interior design.

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