Project description

The residence’s lot is almost rectangle-shaped with dimensions about 75m x 135m and area of little more than 1 ha. From northwestern to northeastern side of the residence stretches a forest. 100 m from southeastern end of the lot there is a small village Knapići with about 12 residents. A road Labin-Koromačno goes along the southwestern end of the lot. The lot’s inner street exits to that road.

The lot is divided into 8 smaller lots of various sizes, intended for building. They are placed in two rows, along the street, 4 on each side, oriented from northwest to southeast.

Lot sizes are shown in the table

All lots are sloped with altitude difference of 3 to 6 meters. In accordance to that, supporting walls are built. The depth of fertile soil is low and beneath it there are deposits of limestone. Limestone was used to build most of the old Istrian towns.

The street to lots slopes 12%. Its supporting walls are reinforced with stone. Each of the lots is planned to hold 3-4 vehicles.

House projects

Residence Knapići will hold 8 houses of two different types Each of the projects is architecturally different but the basic consumer parameters are similar. Houses are planned to be built on two floors, without basement. Planned living areas of the houses are 150 - 180 m2. Each house is separated into two apartments. Each apartment has a fireplace in the living room. Four houses of the 1st type (A, B, C, D) are planned as single-owner villas. The furnishing of Villa Dea (single owner, custom interior design) will be completed in June, 2010. Detailed info about houses can be seen by clicking the house symbol on the lot blueprint. (Lot blueprint). Every lot is planned to hold 3-4 vehicles

Construction and materials

Houses are built of brick on concrete foundations. Façade is thermally insulated with Styrofoam. The buyer can choose the type of doors and windows to be installed, as well as floor and wall tiles, wall design and sanitary facilities. We can suggest the default décor, as well as décor custom designed for Residence Knapići, which you can evaluate by visiting Villa Dea Heating systems and /or air conditioning systems are installed based on customers’ wishes. Our suggested systems are already installed in Villa Dea. The roofs are tiled.


Management company Frolov d.o.o. provides maintenance and surveillance of houses, apartments, lots and swimming pools. As the managers of this project we will gladly answer all your questions when you choose to make a purchase in Residence Knapići.
Sometimes owners, in their absence, turn to their neighbors for some kind of surveillance of their homes.

We provide such “neighborly” services:

- Preparing your house or apartment for your arrival;
- Cleaning your house or apartments after your departure;
- Periodical surveillance, ventilation, installation checking, minor repairs etc...
- Possibility of notifying you of your property’s condition, including sending photographs.

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