Villa Blanka

Lot area 1.171 m2.
Living area 169,3 m2.
Swimming pool 32 m2.
Dimensions 11,60 x 11,60 m
Ceiling height 2,70 - 3,20 m

The villa is in the bottom row and has a beautiful view to the sea.
On the south and east sides the lot borders with other villas. On the north side there is a green area. On the west side there is a 5m wide green area that separates the lot form the Labin-Koromačno road.

The lot has 2 levels. Level 1 – top floor and parking space, level 2 – ground floor and swimming pool. The rest of the lot can be arranged into additional level according to your wishes.

Entrance to the lot is on north-west side of the lot in level with house’s top floor which holds the entrance to both of the apartments and stairway to bottom level. There are 4 parking spaces.

A septic tank is intended to be built in the bottom part of the lot, but it can be replaced by BIOTAL sewage water treatment system, if so desired. That allows the treated water to be reused in gardening or any other technical applications. It also helps save water (and funds) and prevents pollution of surrounding ground and seawater.

By buying the entire villa it’s possible to use the project of Villa Dea or making a custom project.

By default the villa is divided into two equal apartments (ground floor, top floor). The entrance to each apartment is on the top floor. There is an external stairway to the lower part of the lot.

The top floor of each apartment is built as a living room with kitchen and a large covered terrace. The stairs lead to ground floor which holds two bedrooms, bathroom and hallway. The hallway exits to a covered terrace only a few steps from the swimming pool.
The owner of each apartment can choose whether to have the swimming pool or not.

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