Villa Dea

Lot area 856 m2.
Living area 189,0 m2.
Swimming pool 45 m2.
Dimensions 11,60 x 11,60 m
Ceiling height 2,70 - 3,20 m
Terrace and balconies 75m2
Wine cellar 10 m2

The villa is in the top row and has a beautiful view to the sea.
On the south and north sides the lot borders with other villas. On the east side there is a green area. On the west side there’s the street’s supporting wall. In the upper part of the lot is the wine cellar dug in the hill, connect to the house by a tunnel.

The lot has 3 levels. Level 1 – parking space; level 2 – ground floor and swimming pool; level 3 – top floor.

Entrance to the lot is on the north-west side of the lot in level with the parking space. From there a stairway leads to the ground floor and swimming pool and further to the top floor, where the entrances to the apartments are located.
There are 3 covered parking spaces, and nearby is the tool shed.

BIOTAL sewage water treatment system is installed in the bottom part of the lot. That allows the treated water to be reused in gardening or any other technical applications. It also helps save water (and funds) and prevents pollution of surrounding ground and seawater.

Next to the specifically designed swimming pool is a small park.

The villa is encircled by wooden balconies of approximately 52 m2 combined.
On the ground floor there are glass sliding doors.
As a part of the summer kitchen there is a barbecue pit built into the south wall.

Ground floor:
- living room has the flooring raised by 45 cm
It’s connected to dining room, on it’s north side is the entrance to the house, and a stairway leads to upper floor
- bedroom
Has a view to the shaded and peaceful part of the backyard
- dining room and kitchen are built of stone
A large glass sliding door leads to the swimming pool, and another to summer kitchen. There is also a door that leads to the toilet and wine cellar

Top floor
- bedroom with a bathroom
The bedroom exits to a large balcony with a view to the sea. The bathroom exits to a nice balcony which provides intimate and isolated view to a green area.
- 2 bedrooms
Each bedroom has a wooden balcony
- toilet with shower cabin
- hallway with a window

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